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Rubbish Science is about empowerment through the development of scientific thinking. We focus on real-world problems – Zika Virus, Famines and how we might use locally sourced rubbish to start to tackle these issues. At the same time raising awareness of environmental issues. Developing nations may seem the obvious place to start these programs, but in many developed countries the science tasks that are given are an impoverished shadow of the work that scientists actually do. We don’t know the ‘best’ solution for any of these problems. Ideally,we are aiming to have this type of rich thinking embedded into curriculums around the world.  Many people making small changes can lead to large-scale improvements. So how can you get involved?
  1. Deliver the Activities: If you are a teacher, home schooler, youth worker, Guide/Scout Leader then please try out some of the activities with your students and feedback to us via our Facebook link or Twitter. We are going to develop global challenges such as the
  2. Developing Activities: We are all about collaboration, so whatever your ideas to improve an activity or create something new please get in touch. There is no such thing as a bad idea.
  3. Solutions to Activities/Problems: Some activities require engineering solutions. For example you can get cordage from plastic bottles by using a knife. Is there an easy and efficient to do this? One idea is here. The cordage is also heat shrink capable so can be used for very tight binding.
  4. Training of Teachers: to deliver these activities to maximum effectiveness in all areas of the world. Our published materials are free to use and distribute. Because we are using locally sourced rubbish after training there are no real costs associated with this project. We are looking for volunteers so if you are a retired teacher with some time on your hands or are prepared to give up some of your holidays please get in touch.
  5. Training of Students: to pass these ideas on to other students, clearly understanding the aims and ethos of the projects. This will not be a patronising project , students are there to collaborate with others and learn from each other. Respect needs to be given for indigenous knowledge. We are looking for schools to develop these programs.
  6. Placement of Volunteers to develop ideas in any areas with a need. We are apolitical and fully inclusive. We are developing programs for Refugee Camps: Empowering some of the most disempowered people on the planet. Creating a sense of purpose and collaboration. Dealing with some of the real problems they face.
  7. Festivals: Workshops on recycling waste from the festival and turning it into something useful. We need contacts and volunteers.
  8. Collaborate with us:  We want to bring together as many caring people and organisations as we possibly can so if you are a charity, business or just someone who cares then please get in touch. We are looking for creative marketing people and social media gurus.
  9. Fundraising: We have  CIC (Community Interest Company) status and now are actively seeking funding and partners.