Plastic Bag to Fishing Line /Net

Overview: Plastic bags can be turned into fishing lines easily if it is cut into strips and pulled very slowly and twisted. The strips must be cut as straight as possible – Small ‘nicks’ in the edges will cause it to break. The lines produced can be used for a variety of things and even turned into nets 

Equipment Provided: Plastic bags and scissors

Health and Safety: You must carry out your own risk assessment (Rubbish Science accept no liability)  Note: Be careful when cutting.  

Things you might need to know / Questions you might ask:

  • What type of plastic bag works best?
  • How thick should the strips be?
  • How long a strip can be cut from one plastic bag?
  • What is the fastest that the plastic can be pulled?
  • Does twisting help create a stronger line?

Prototyping: Try to answer the questions above using small scale experiments

Modifications: How might you modify your technique based on what your preliminary results look like? What have others done and what can you learn from them?

Prediction: What do you think will happen and why?

Do it: How are you going to see if your fishing line is successful?

What happened?: Was your line effective?

Tell Someone: Explain what you did and why you felt your line was effective. Listen to others, do they have any good ideas?

What did you learn? What do you know now that you didn’t know before you started this investigation?

Extension/Modify/Do it again: How could you extend this to produce a commercial fishing line business?