Micro gardening at Sturminster Newton School

For activities week at Sturminster Newton School Chris Brown set up a micro gardening event. Students were to use plastic bottles in stacks to grow salads. She was inspired by what she had seen in Thailand on an organic farm in Thailand – island organics.

Students used various sizes bottles zip tied to a fence and planted salad leaves. They were very excited and loved doing it. Plants were cropped throughout the summer. The photo below is taken at the end of summer. So looks a bit sad!


They are now ready for replanting. After they had been set up Chris was looking out of the window and a student walked up to it. He started looking around to see if anyone was watching. Having invested so much in getting this made Chris was ready to shout at him if he did anything as he was behaving very suspiciously. He then leant down opened his bag, took a bottle of water out and watered the plants !

Chris has now been given a wall to extend the project – see below. Any ideas people ?

Here’s what the Columns look like in full bloom


Micro gardening column





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