Pollution Issues – Why do we need Rubbish Science?

Plastic bottles are a good place to start – Why do these need to be removed from the environment? Plastic bottles and bags are one of the scourges of our planet causing huge problems in ecosystems. The physical unsightly nature of plastic bottles and bags washing up on beaches is just the start. There are many areas of the oceans where wind and currents cause greater concentrations to build up for example the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The effects of plastic and microplastics  are still being documented, but there are no positives. The findings so far are worrying. Many studies suggest suggest hormone disruptive chemicals such as PCBs are absorbed by microplastics increasing their concentration.  These contaminated microplastics are then eaten by zooplankton and enter the food chain.  There are some initiatives that students may wish to get involved with

Adventure Science is Mapping data of microplastic concentrations in different parts of the world

global plastics

Their Gallatin River project is here 

OceanCleanup is actively removing plastics from the sea  using some very innovative ideas. Could this be done on a small scale using recyclable materials?

Plasticbank  – Aims to remove plastics and enable people to make money  doing so in an innovative way  poverty and plastics 

Some other Developments are The Plastic Soup Foundation  https://video.buffer.com/v/57b310bbaccbaf610ec0ab5d?utm_content=buffer87bea&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer