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Our Mission at Rubbish Science is a very simple: We aim to empower people by helping them develop systematic strategies for problem-solving to deal with issues that impact on their lives. Using these skills and resources that are freely available, they can improve their health, water and food security in line with the UN  Sustainable Developmental Goals 

Our Vision is to create community hubs where skills and knowledge continue to be developed using our principles. These hubs will be connected via an online classroom in order to create a global network supporting communities. We aim to move from being instigators and tutors to facilitators.

Our Aims are to create self-sustaining communities. We expect that the greatest gains will be with those who are most vulnerable and disempowered through war or poverty, but we will not restrict our attention to these people. Our global community will be truly diverse from the richest to the poorest. We will know we have succeeded when we make ourselves redundant.

Our Values: Every human being is equally valuable and deserves to be treated respectfully and with kindness, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

Developing Scientific Literacy

Scientific literacy is a transferable skill that involves investigating claims and looking for evidence to inform decisions. We focus on simple experiments with real, useful outcomes that usually involve multiple variables.

Reusing Rubbish

Ideally there should be no rubbish in the World, but the reality is that plastic refuse is everywhere. The aim is to create something that solves local problems whilst removing rubbish and increasing environmental awareness.

Developing Communities

All communities have a culture of innovation, but often lack a systematic and scientific approach. By collaborating on real problems, we aim to empower communities to shape their own futures. By linking communities across the globe from the most to least privileged on a level playing field, we aim to increase interactions and understanding

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